Monday, May 9, 2011

Long weekend.

    I have never left my son for very long and this last Saturday I had to work a 10 hour shift at work. He came in with his daddy early that morning and I knew he wasnt right, he looked so out of it and didnt even want to smile :( Max always has a smile on his face. I asked him if he wasnt feeling to well and all he said was, "mommy, ewww!" Poor buddy.

    I was so sad I couldnt be with him, I just knew he wasnt feeling well. My day drug on, I missed my boy so much. I finally got off work and came rushing home, to find Max passed out on his daddy on the couch. Poor little guy was running a fever and had the runs. I felt so bad for him. He didnt want to eat anything either. I went to bed with him that night hoping this was just a short bug and in the morning he would be all better.

    The next morning was mother's day and the boys got me some beautiful flowers! Max still wasnt feeling good so we decided to just stay home and rest. I sure do love cuddling with my little man, I just wish he wasnt sick. He didnt want to eat and only wanted to lay on the couch and watch movies with mommy. Honestly I couldnt complain. Max doesnt sit still....EVER!! Sunday went by very fast accomplished very little other than eating crackers and watching tv. :) Its Monday evening, I just put Max to bed. His fever is gone, but he still has no appetite, a little more energy though! I went to the health food store and stocked up on lots of new vitamins and healthy immune booster stuff. No more sickness!! I am hoping tomorrow the sickness is finally gone and Max is back to his busy self!

He is to good health, and more sunshine. This pacific Northwest Rain is starting to really bug me!


Payton's 1st Birthday

          As I sit here and think about this past year, I wonder where it has gone! Last Sunday my little girl turned one. I can hardly believe it! This Sunday I celebrated my 2nd Mother's Day, AND next month I will be the mother of not one, BUT two little girls!

          It seems like just yesterday that I brought my brand new baby home from the hospital. After a very difficult delivery, and being in so much pain I greatly relied on my husband to help me with many tasks. I battled sleepless nights, breastfeeding, hours of rocking her in the chair, washing everything 10 times a day after she spit up on them, and many many more adventures. We watched as she smiled at us for the first time, giggled, rolled over, sat up and began to crawl. We got excited when she first said "Dada" and later,"Mama". We watched as she pulled herself up on things. We got excited to feed her new foods. We had to show everyone when she learned to wave "bye bye".

          It just so happens that our little princess also decided to take her first TWO steps on her birthday too! Unfortunately...her Daddy and I BOTH missed it. :(

          Today we go in for her one year well-child exam. This day seemed like so far away at one point and now it is here. I will be sending her off to school, watching her graduate high school, get married and have her own children before I even know it....

          Scary thought....

          If anything, I have learned that time does pass whether we want it to or not. That we need to live for today and appreciate the things that we do have and celebrate each day. Life does slip by so fast, before we even realize it!

          Happy Birthday my sweet baby, Payton! Your Mom and Dad love you so VERY VERY much!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things I'm doing via blog

Right now I've got a lot going on in my life.

My husband is going back to school in June to be an Air Traffic Controller which requires we move upstate.
So we are trying to:
find an apartment up there,
rent our house out down here,
find him a new job up there (part time...yikes. Just wait, I'll have plenty of budgeting posts for you!),
sell our second car down here,
and the list goes on.
In fact, in order to get the house ready to rent, he used some vacation time a few weeks ago so we could work on the house.
He re-tiled our entryway with a family friend, we re-painted the bathroom, pulled old trim off (seashells...not a pretty sight), painted existing trim, and put up new trim in 3 rooms.

All of this stuff is hard on both of us.
We love our little house. It's our home. Our first one. And we've put a lot of work into it.
We did the hardwood floors ourselves which was the biggest project, and then we painted every room and all the trim and put in new carpets. And we had a lot of plans for this house. A lot of plans that will now likely never be completed. Plans to redo the kitchen, to add-on in the back, to gut our bathroom and start it all over, to add a porch to the front. And we're sad that this little old house will never be as pretty as we'd hoped it would someday be.

On top of that, I've got several family issues going on behind the scenes, which tends to add a little stress even when it doesn't have me buying plane tickets at 1am for the next morning. Don't ask.
So anyway, to reduce some stress I'm following a LOT of blogs.
Granted, it's probably not as much as some people, but this is all still new to me; the blogosphere I mean.
So it feels like a lot!
Anyway, I thought I'd share with you a few things I'm doing/learning via blog, with links so you can too!

I'm learning the basics of photography over at Shabby Blogs, as in aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.
I have always regretted not taking photography in high school when I had the chance!
I'm also learning some HTML/CSS coding over there that's a little more advanced than what I'm used to.

I'm learning how to put parties together (which I've never done!) over at: I Heart Naptime, Love & Sugar Kisses,  and many, many others but I'll just include TomKat Studio for now because I'm loving their mothers day printables! Love&Sugar Kisses has some great ideas for Cinco De Mayo by the way! Like I said, there are many more of them, but I'm sure I'll do a whole "party" post at a later date.

And I'm learning how to DIY more home projects over at Welcome to Heardmont" and at Seven thirty three.

And I can't forget the aforementioned  eighteen25 where I'm learning all sorts of crafty things...too many to pull one out of my head at the moment!

I hope you all click over and enjoy learning some new things! If only to grab some printables to decorate and share.
My little one is waking up, so its time for me to go!

Jessica at J.LiLy

Monday, May 2, 2011

My weekend

....Was a blast! Friday I watched  movie with my sweet boy. We stayed up past our bedtimes and then slept in until 7 am on Saturday. Such a treat! Got to enjoy some much needed spa time and got a new haircut. I love  getting pampered. Took my boy to his great grandparents house, they live on a farm. We saw dogs, and cows!! We had junkie fast food for dinner!! Sunday we slept in until 8 am!!! I was soooo excited!! I honestly couldn't remember sleeping that late, it was amazing! Sunday was the most beautiful day out of the week, sunny and pretty darn warm. We went to the river and played in the sand and water. We had so much fun! We went out to lunch and then played at the park, needless to say by the time bedtime rolled around, we were soooo ready! I enjoy the memories I make everyday with my son, but having a beautiful weekend to make more is always great. They grow so fast almost as fast as the weekends go by :) Here is to hoping for more beautiful weekends, and memories with my sweet son. Maybe we will go on a vacation soon. Somewhere warm, tropical, beautiful, and fun!!! Some place like......Hawaii!!!!

That's what Im talking about!!!


Proud/Happy/Relieved for us all

I have to say that YES I am one of those Americans who are so happy, relieved, and proud right now.

So proud.
Proud of our TROOPS for everything.
Proud of our FAMILIES who have sacrificed over this.
Proud of our PRESIDENT, for continuing the search if nothing else.
Proud of the NAMELESS & FACELESS who were the integral forces in bringing him down.

So relieved.
Which is not to say I think it's over. I don't think that anyone thinks it's over.
But Bin Laden has hung over our heads as the metaphorical "Terrorist". As if he were the only one. The head of it all.
We know that this is not the case. By far.
But to have him GONE?
It feels like a huge weight has been lifted.
That a fear has been diminished; though not demolished.

So happy.
Happy to have something to be happy about.
Happy to have one less "bad guy" in the world.
Happy to feel as though we accomplished something.
Happy for all those who devoted so much time, energy, and life to this.
And Happy for all those who are out there celebrating right now. I hope they're celebrating hard.

And a pride swells in my chest when I think of the troops at this moment.
Because, for me at least, it feels like we're one step closer to being done.
To ending this war.
To bringing our men and women home to their families and children.
Maybe a small step? But it feels like a step none-the-less.

And I would love it, if for just a few hours, people everywhere could feel content about this.
I know it won't happen.
The backlash has already started.
With "inside stories", and warnings of "don't believe everything you hear", and people condemning all sorts of people involved for taking "too much credit" or for taking any credit at all.
There will, unfortunately, always be naysayers. But I hope that the majority of us can enjoy this moment. If only for a moment. If only before you decide to not "believe everything you hear".
I know personally, when my mother called and told me I was SO excited.
September 11th happened when I was in 7th grade. And now I have my own daughter, and we've finally got HIM.
It doesn't solve the problem, or fill any voids. But it still feels like a victory to me.
I'm still enjoying this moment.And I hope that you are too.

Jessica at J.LiLy

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Payton!!

Happy 1st birthday to a beautiful little girl, both inside and out!

A year's gone by,
How time has flown,
We can't believe
How Payton's grown!
She's such a joy
And so much fun,
Oh my! Your baby's
Turning One!

Happy birthday Payton!
We love you!
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