Monday, May 9, 2011

Payton's 1st Birthday

          As I sit here and think about this past year, I wonder where it has gone! Last Sunday my little girl turned one. I can hardly believe it! This Sunday I celebrated my 2nd Mother's Day, AND next month I will be the mother of not one, BUT two little girls!

          It seems like just yesterday that I brought my brand new baby home from the hospital. After a very difficult delivery, and being in so much pain I greatly relied on my husband to help me with many tasks. I battled sleepless nights, breastfeeding, hours of rocking her in the chair, washing everything 10 times a day after she spit up on them, and many many more adventures. We watched as she smiled at us for the first time, giggled, rolled over, sat up and began to crawl. We got excited when she first said "Dada" and later,"Mama". We watched as she pulled herself up on things. We got excited to feed her new foods. We had to show everyone when she learned to wave "bye bye".

          It just so happens that our little princess also decided to take her first TWO steps on her birthday too! Unfortunately...her Daddy and I BOTH missed it. :(

          Today we go in for her one year well-child exam. This day seemed like so far away at one point and now it is here. I will be sending her off to school, watching her graduate high school, get married and have her own children before I even know it....

          Scary thought....

          If anything, I have learned that time does pass whether we want it to or not. That we need to live for today and appreciate the things that we do have and celebrate each day. Life does slip by so fast, before we even realize it!

          Happy Birthday my sweet baby, Payton! Your Mom and Dad love you so VERY VERY much!


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