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Welcome to our blog J.LiLy moms!
We are three friends, three women, who got together and started talking about life, love, children, our aspirations, our inspirations, and the things that drive us mad, all while our children enjoyed playtime together.  Those conversations and play-dates soon sprouted an idea to write together. And here we are! 
We love to write, share advice, find deals online, cook, play with our kids, and spend time with our significant others, all of which makes for fun and interesting stories to share with all of you! 
We hope you find tales of our exploits and figuring it all out to be entertaining. 
We're new to all this so you'll have to bear with us, but we're having a ton of fun!

  Hey! My name is Jessica. I'm 21, married, a momma, artistic, often bored, and still looking for my passion in life (aside from my family and friends). I love to rant and share my opinions, but I also love to listen to other people's opinions, and learn more about, well, everything! I love writing here at J.LiLy. It keeps me busy, and I hope for it to keep my family's memories recorded, which I love. As a blog we're still finding our niche, but that just makes it more fun for me, I get to write about whatever strikes my fancy! And I'm having a blast doing it. ♥
You can also find me writing over at Pear Blossom Mom my personal blog.

  I am Lindsey! I'm 24. I'm a stay-at home-mommy. My daughter is Payton and we have another little one named Hayden on the way! My family is very important to me and I wouldn't change it for the world. I love to read,write (although, it's been awhile) and be the best Mom I know I can be!

  My name is Lynsay, Im a nurse, taxi driver, chef, personal shopper, and a maid all for my sweet son, Max! I work at a local coffee shop and in my spare time I love to bake, paint, take pictures, go for hikes, read books, have bbq's and spend time with my friends and family. Being a mom is the most important job to me. I love everything about it. My son was born in September of 09. He is my pride and joy.

We know parenting isn't always easy, and with the economy what it is, it's even more difficult than it should be. We want to help your families (and our own of course!) in any way we can. Whether by scouring the net for deals and discounts on products/services you want, or by simply making you laugh at our families' antics, and everything in between.
We also realize and embrace the presence of the new 'modern family', and in some cases live it ourselves. Whether your family (or parenting style) is traditional, modern, eclectic, earthy, or something else altogether, we will try to appeal to your needs as far as our links, articles, and sponsors!
We hope you find our blog to be helpful, friendly, creative, and inspiring. And we will always welcome your suggestions and comments, so please, share with us your thoughts, opinions, criticism, and anything else you might have have up your sleeve!

♥ The J.LiLy Moms

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