Monday, May 2, 2011

My weekend

....Was a blast! Friday I watched  movie with my sweet boy. We stayed up past our bedtimes and then slept in until 7 am on Saturday. Such a treat! Got to enjoy some much needed spa time and got a new haircut. I love  getting pampered. Took my boy to his great grandparents house, they live on a farm. We saw dogs, and cows!! We had junkie fast food for dinner!! Sunday we slept in until 8 am!!! I was soooo excited!! I honestly couldn't remember sleeping that late, it was amazing! Sunday was the most beautiful day out of the week, sunny and pretty darn warm. We went to the river and played in the sand and water. We had so much fun! We went out to lunch and then played at the park, needless to say by the time bedtime rolled around, we were soooo ready! I enjoy the memories I make everyday with my son, but having a beautiful weekend to make more is always great. They grow so fast almost as fast as the weekends go by :) Here is to hoping for more beautiful weekends, and memories with my sweet son. Maybe we will go on a vacation soon. Somewhere warm, tropical, beautiful, and fun!!! Some place like......Hawaii!!!!

That's what Im talking about!!!


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