Saturday, April 30, 2011

Freebies and Crafty-Stuffs

I've been following a TON of crafty blogs lately (I'm sure you'll see them on our sidebar at one time or another) and I'm totally smitten.
I am definitely not a crafty person by nature. I'm artistic, not creative. Which means I can draw or paint something well, but I lack direction, I need someone to tell me what to do.
And I have found that craft blogs are perfect for that! They have tons of crafts, layouts, designs, and ideas all ready for the taking! I can take their freebies and ideas and make them my own. #Love

Freebies? What freebies you ask?
What I'm talking about here are:
Printables (so-called pre-designed cards, tags, labels, posters, and party decor that you can download free and print out at home),
and Fonts (for your computer, blogging, and graphic designing)

I have found a few AMAZING sites in the time I spend combing through blogs that offer all kinds of freebies like these. I'm bringing you my current TOP TWO faves.

My first fantastic site for printables can be found here at: It Is What It Is: Pictures, Projects, & Printables.
You can find everything on her blog from Big Sister/Big Brother favor tags, Posters, and Thank you cards, to relevant material for nearly every conceivable holiday.
Some examples:

As you can see she has some pretty darn adorable printables. But the real charm is in the crafts she does with them. Swing over to her site to grab the printables, and find out just how easy it is to create the Valentine Paper Chain, or the Springtime Candy Flowers. Your every holiday (or any day) at home can now be decorated with ease and whimsy!

My second fantastic site for printables can be found here at: eighteen25
Aside from printables they also happen to have free fonts and all kinds of crafts and tutorials for creating computer-made or home-made items.
These girls are SUPER creative. (I'm loving the emergency clutch made out of a potholder! Amazing!) And they also have some great fonts. They do a fantastic job of detailing for you (if you aren't as tech savvy as some) how to download and use them yourself.
I'm going to show you some pics of their printables, fonts, and craft ideas:

And those are all just from the 1st page! I think these sisters might just be the craftiest women on the face of the planet.
They are sponsored by the Silhouette (see my previous blogpost about it here) So they do have a lot of crafts that need it at least in part, but many of them can be improvised if you, like me, have not yet won the lottery.
As you can see, they too will keep you in decoration style for each and every holiday. For example, the picture in the top row, right-hand side is subway art in honor of Teacher Appreciation week.
And the picture in the bottom row, left-hand side? The pot-holder clutches! How cute right? They'll tell you how to make them yourself. SUPER easy!

I hope you enjoy these sites and utilize them to your full advantage. Not many places are giving out their ideas or designs for free these days. Enjoy!!

Jessica at J.LiLy

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