Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I want it.

The Silhouette SD
Digital Cutting Tool
And yes, I'm in L V E.

This thing...its amazing.
The things it can do!
(I think I feel a Dr. Suess rhyme coming on!  ...  oop, guess not.)

But seriously. I think it could just possibly change my life.
Or at least my house.
And ALL the stuff inside my house. And my blog. And my clothes. And my daughters clothes. And,
I digress.

What kinds of things can it do you ask? Well! Let me show you!

That's scrapbooking, sketching, card designing, glass etching, apparel decorating, and vinyl wall-decal making, respectively.

How does it do this!? you ask with the proper level of excitement and intrigue.
Let me tell you.

It's like a printer, but rather than printing on paper, it has a blade that cuts the fonts or images out instead.


I'm all jittery just thinking about it.
For real. My hand is shaking like I just had a case of Amp energy drinks.
(And that can hospitalize you, no joke.)

Basically, the software it comes with gives you tons of free fonts and designs to cut out of virtually any pliable material from paper, to fabric, to vinyl.
You can also open any image or clipart you want from your own computer and use it in the program, or you can download inexpensive designs direct from the site.
The program then lets you arrange the fonts or designs in any way you please, and then you begin the cutting process.
You can swap out the blade for this nifty thing:

then stick one of their pens inside, and sketch the font/design onto paper to make custom designs for cards, scrapbook pages, subway art, etc.

I want it.
I want it SO bad, its going on my 'Lottery Wishlist'.
My list of things
Just as soon as I win the lottery.
Because this bad boy tops out at


And pens, the pen holder, vinyl, adhesive backed cardstock, etchall etching creme, and etc. are all extras.

So while I'm dreaming (and scheming...that lottery thing isn't going to work itself out), you can jump over here to view (if you're broke like me) or purchase the Silhouette, or over here to check out their blog and their many beautiful creations.
Personally, I'm following the blog in hopes that someday I'll own it and be able to create for myself all the projects I've drooled over for however long.
Which at this point is about 2 hours.

Jessica at J.LiLy

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