Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Discipline can be so tough

     My son isn't even two, yet he knows how to manipulate soooo well...
  A few days back.. and honestly, i can't even remember what he did to get himself put in time out...seems like he goes there a lot these days. Anyway, I was sitting there with him explaining why he was sitting in the time out spot, and why he can't keep doing what he was doing... When all of a sudden, He puckers up, leans forward, grabs my face, and plants a big wet kiss on my lips!
     I couldn't even believe it, then he leans in to hug me. At that moment I completely forgot about why he was in time out. All I could do was think, " oh how stinking sweet!" Well obviously time out didn't last long, He was up and back to playing with in seconds of his little, " Ill be super sweet, mom will melt, and I will be free." moment.
     He knew this would melt my heart, and he knew he wouldn't be in trouble anymore. Dang it!!! Kids are so smart. And like I said he isn't even two! It wasn't long after this sweet moment of his that he was back in the time out spot.....I found myself again explaining what he did wrong, why we don't do that, blah blah blah...When he looks up at me, bats his eye lashes, puckers up..........And I said. NO! You can have kisses after you get out of time out. Broke my heart because he started to cry and I knew he was truly sad....But, I don't want him to think that everytime he is in trouble he can kiss his way out of it. This isnt easy on me at all, I want to kiss his sweet face and hug him back, but he needs to learn. Am I being to harsh, or am I doing what I should be doing and saving the hugs and kisses for after time out?

Here is to a better day of parenting :)

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  1. awww. I'm not a parent (yet) but I can't imagine being able to say no to kisses! You are a strooong woman : )

    I probably would have said something like, "Kisses are always okay, but you still have to have a time-out," ...and just confused the heck out of the poor kid.


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