Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Etsy Shop Promo: Three Yellow Starfish

Our Etsy shop of the week is up! And as always you can find the link in the upper left hand corner.

I'm particularly excited to bring you this etsy shop!
Two reasons.
The first one being that I bought a "pinnie" from the Three Yellow Starfish for Alexis to wear in our family pictures back in 2009, when she was just under a year old. It quickly became the star of the photo session, and it is still my favorite piece of clothing she has ever owned. It's handmade, great quality, durable, reversible, and adorable. So I know for a fact that I'm promoting a good product here!
The second one being that the seller has graciously agreed to give our readers FREE shipping on any product! For the entire month of may! I'll tell you how to redeem this discount using our exclusive discount code further in the post.

But before that, let me tell you a little about this awesome shop! Your screen just bursts with bright, springtime colors, and whimsical patterns the moment you click the link to her shop. She uses the most popular and current fabrics (I remember being in love with the fabric on my daughter's pinnie before I even found the shop), and has several offers where you choose which fabric you like. And you're getting more for your money, from the durable handmade quality, to the reversible nature of the pinafores. Sizing is simple, and as always with Etsy, customer service is wonderful. The entire shop is a breath of fresh air!

You can scour for even more discounts and deals, (and even giveaways!) at her blog Three Yellow Starfish
You can find more information at her website threeyellowstarfish.com
And if you love her stuff as much as we do, and want to stay updated or view more pictures, you can pop over to her facebook page here and become a fan. We are!

Alright, it was very difficult for me to choose images for this one! I was torn between showing you her various items, or showing you my favorites, so I chose my favorites!

Shown here are ruffled bloomers, some with a matching tee or onesie, knot-dresses, and a few of her hair accessories. 
These are just a few of her products, however! She provides all of the following: 
Pinnies, Bloomers, Ruffled Bloomers, Skirts, Petti-skirts, Knot-dresses (my current favorites!), Tees, Onesies, and Accessories (hats, hair pins, headbands, and bracelets). 

As you can see, her products are simply adorable! Modern, bright, and perfect for the upcoming seasons. 
And her pricing is fantastic. $24.00 for a ruffled bloomer? I'm there! 
Aside from the knot dresses, I am also in love with her charming little 1st-birthday sets of ruffled-bloomers and matching onesies. They're definitely worth looking at if your little one hasn't reached that milestone yet!

Now, how do you get that free shipping we talked about earlier?
When you purchase something from threeyellowstarfish look for a box that says "Note to Seller". 
In that box, type in: FreeShipMay .
That's it!
And your shipping charge will be refunded via paypal.

We hope you enjoy this shop, it's products, and the discount!
We'll leave you to go peruse through the goodies, but before you go...

My little Alexis in her Three Yellow Starfish pinafore back in 09.
Isn't she just adorable?

Jessica at J.LiLy

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