Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Oh how i love thee! Your taste, your smell, your look......I love everything!

I remember the very first time I tasted that amazing cup of Joe. I was 7 years old, probably too young but who cares?! Its coffee...everyone loves coffee right?? Now, I wasn't allowed to have coffee at that young of an age, but I chose to be mischievous none the less. I remember everytime there was a place serving free coffee I would go get myself a cup. Mmm, that warm murk sliding down my throat and warming my belly. People always told me it would stunt my growth but I think that's an old wives tale. Besides, I think i turned out pretty average... I am all of 5'5''. Finally... I have reached the age to have a job...but what did i want to do? Well of course it was Espresso, it was my favorite drink! I thought this will be great, I will apply at some coffee shops and make coffee all day... how wonderful! Now don't get me wrong, I loved making Espresso but no one told me about the customers and how picky some are. My first job was at a visitor center on the way up to Mount St. Helen's. Many, many people would stop and get a cup of Java or "mudd" as we called it there. Most of the guests were wonderful, friendly, just as outgoing as I was. Then there were the ones who forgot to have a cup of jamoke before leaving the house. "this is too bitter." "this is too hot!" "this is too cold" "not enough cream" " I said no straws" "I only want 1 straw" the list goes on. I would just smile and "fix" their problems....darn picky people. I like my Joe with a little sugar and a little cream. Soon they start throwing in, " I want it breve." " I want it Tepid." Bah humbug people!! I soon moved on to my next job...Barista at a local bagel shop. Like my previous job most guests were so pleasant. I do remember this one guest though... Came in and ordered a drip coffee, no lid, no sleeve...Person working the coffee bar that day got a little more than they asked for...Handed the not so gentle "man" his coffee and the guy flipped! He said NO lid...NO sleeve...Dumped his coffee on the floor and stormed out. He obviously didn't have a cup of Joe before leaving the house either. I got a few more jobs working with Espresso met new people, happy and grouchy. I took some time off and had my son........I thought I liked coffee then......Boy, was I wrong!


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