Saturday, April 23, 2011

Help me out here!

I'm not sure why, maybe because of all the easter-egg hunts, but easter always makes me think of grass. So I thought today would be an appropriate time to post this and BEG for some help.

So here's my dilemma.
In the nearly 10 months that we've lived in our house, my husband has mowed the lawn twice.
Count it.
One. Two.
That's it.
And the last time I think he did it was mid-to-late fall, so you can imagine what my yard looks like right now.
We don't own a lawn-mower, so I understand that it's a hassle.
He has to find someone to borrow one from, get it in the car, use it, get it back in the car, and take it back over to that persons house.
And we can't buy one now, because we're most likely renting out the house and moving into an apartment. Which means a lawnmower is not necessary.
And I know, he works long hours on a weird shift, so he's tired and worn out.
But he also has a 3 day weekend. Every weekend.
I would do it. I really would, but I can't.
I don't have a license, so I can't go pick it up, and I'm allergic to grass.
Really allergic to grass, not "I think this stuffy nose is allergies" allergic.
(itchy/watery/swollen eyes, hives, stuffy/runny nose, headaches, uncontrollable sneezing...and that's just leaving the window open while someone else mows their lawn. In high school I even woke up with my eyes swollen completely fun!)

The rest of the problem is,

He refuses to pay someone else to do it.
We live downtown, so their are neighbor boys and professional yard-workers who come knocking at the door every time they drive by our wildly unmanageable yard.
I always want to say "YES! Thank you! I'll pay you whatever you want!"
But instead, every time, he says "No thanks".
And every time he says no thanks, I want to scream a little bit.
I don't actually do it. But I do get the urge too.
And then a week or so goes by, the yard still un-mowed, and another hopeful person knocks at the door hoping to make a few bucks.
Only to be rejected.
I'm sure they all walk away from our house shaking their head in wonder.

So, that is my dilemma.
What do I do about a thing like this?
I don't want to just pay someone to do it when he's so set against it (for who knows what reason), but I just CANNOT look at the forest that is my yard for one more week.
So I'm opening my ears up to you.
Leave me a comment with your suggestions, please!
And help me out here.

Jessica at J.LiLy


  1. Have you thought of the manual , non-gasoline ones? I hear they're not as expensive (since you won't be needing it much).... the hard part might be to convince your husband to use it! =) Another thought would be to just go out and buy one. You'll need it eventually! And I don' think there will be a drastic upgrade in technology of lawnmowers between now and then... haha! Because between now and when you actually move might be an undetermined amount of time and your lawn might just become a jungle by then. Or... you can let it become a jungle and have your husband realize he hates it and he might actually pay someone for it. The latter won't be so easy on the eyes of course... haha. just a few thoughts, good luck with it!!

  2. Why Cam has such a problem with it, I have no idea. It's kinda funny from the sister-in-law-who-lives-in-Ohio-perspective.
    I would drop a hint to in, "For mother's day, the greatest gift would be to have my lawn mowed..."

    lol. tacky i know. But if it's effective...that's all that matters!

    good luck!

  3. Thanks Emily!!

    Once you get past the uncomfortable thought of asking for something, that's actually a fantastic idea!
    I'll drop the hint to Dave or my step-dad (or either one of the moms) about mothers day, and cross my fingers and hope for the best!
    I never would have thought of that myself.
    And I laughed a little bit, because I didn't think about the fact that you'd be reading this. Haha, I guess I outed cam a little bit. Woops!

    Thanks again!


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