Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Promotion Spot: Etsy Shop

Our Etsy shop of the week is up! In the left hand corner you will find the link to Little Elephant & Co, an etsy shop selling charmingly packaged onesies, washcloths, bibs, and other goodies. I recently had the good fortune of finding the shop and bought this little box (and bouquet) of sweetness for my cousin who just had her first baby, and I'm super happy with it!

It's called the 'cupcake set and washcloth bouquet' and I think it is just the funnest way to give simple necessities like onesies and washcloths!

And the price is fantastic! Lindsey and I recently went to a baby shower for a mutual friend, and I spent 30$ at walmart on a package of diapers and a small outfit. Well, whoop-de-do basil. Not such a fun gift. In fact, I was a little embarrassed at having to give it when everyone else was giving her bags full of stuff. I'm not sure how all of these families are doing it, but I'm living on a budget people! A very tight budget, and I can't just go spending forty dollars here and fifty there. I'm sure some of you can relate.
Well lucky me, I just happened to get this item on a sale day which gave me 15% off, so along with tax and shipping it came out to about...da-dada-daa! 30$. That's it! For the exact same price, I was able to give a much cuter gift that's just as practical as it is adorable. And while it may not be a bag full of new outfits and accessories, I can feel good about giving onesies, bibs, washclothes, and burp rags because those will undoubtedly be needed and used. And you know she's just going to love the packaging!

Here are some other goodies from the shop:

Lollies, indiviually packaged cupcakes, a sushi platter, and a stand-alone shot of her adorable cupcakes respectively. I'd like to note that most of her items are topped with hand-knitted or felt little treasures to help add to the adorable-ness.

So there you go, a perfect go-to shop for any babyshower or new-baby gift, and very reasonably priced. ♥

Edit: littleelephantandco is back open and better than ever! Go check her out!

Jessica at J.LiLy

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